Gold Package

Ferrari-Newport-BeachPerfect for Customized Sites that need a Mobile Presence. Need your site up in a hurry? Ask about our 24-48 hour turnaround.

Price $1295 / ($400 deposit)

Monthly Hosting & Maintenance ($40 and up)

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Phone Consultation (30-60 Minutes)
We will use this time to go over your project and get a better understanding of your projects requirements. We will talk about the goals of your website, what you hope it to achieve with your WordPress site once the project is over. Think of this as our kick off, get to know you, meeting.

Web Design
This package comes with 10 hours of design work–usually enough to get some basic design like a customizing the background, header images, featured graphics, customizing theme colors, and some other basic design work. Additional hours of design can be requested.

(See Themes)

Web Development Customization
This package comes with 10 hours of custom development work. This can be used to add custom features and plugins for a Real Estate site or other 3rd party plugins. This Development time can also be used for Theme customization. Additional hours of development can be requested.

Mobile Development Customization
This package can include Mobile site set up and configuration for most sites. Some restrictions apply depending on your needs.

Install & Configure WordPress
For a new WordPress website, we will install WordPress on your host. Once installed, we will go through WordPress and make all the adjustments to make sure your WordPress installation follows best practices. For customers who already have WordPress installed, we will update your version of WordPress, as well as run through your installation to ensure it follows best practices.

Install up to 10 Plug-ins to enhance your site
In addition to our core set of WordPress plugins we will include some premium plugins that will facilitate the functionality of your site and add to the overall feature-set. Including the Plugin Packages below:

Install Gold SEO Plugin Package
Your WordPress website is no good if nobody can find it. While WordPress does have some minimal search engine optimization (SEO) built right into it, our suite of SEO plugins is sure to help give your website a nice jump start in the search engines. We can’t make any promises regarding placement in the search engines, but these plug ins are sure to help.

Install Gold Site Optimization Plugin Package
Nowadays, the search engines not only judge your site on the quality of content and backlinks to your website; they also judge you on how fast and optimized your website is. Our collection of site optimization plugins will be sure to make your website as fast as possible. Depending on your package, we customize everything from the over all website, to images, media, and more.

Install Gold Social Media Plugin Package
It’s no secret that social media can play a major part in the success of your business. Our collection of social media plugins will definitely help your online presence. The plugins we install will allow your visitors to easily connect and share your content with their friends.

This package includes:

  • Install of WordPress Framework Theme and Child Theme
  • Upload Your Header or Text Logo (need a logo or some tweaks to your existing logo?)
  • Create Up to 15 Pages
  • Input Your Page Content
  • Optimize Content for Search Engines. Ask about our Custom Content Marketing Solution
  • Optimize and import up to 20 images
  • Create Blog Page
  • Configure up to 8 Posts
  • Configure Categories (up to 15)
  • Configure up to 6 Widgets

WordPress Training and Follow-up
In addition to an initial 60 minute WordPress training, we will provide 30 minutes of follow up training. We can use this time to go over some of the more advanced features of WordPress and all of the various plugins we’ve set up for you.

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