Interns needed

Zfari Media is growing quickly and we need some help!

We have such a wide variety of clients and projects, that the possibilities are endless.

Running Text2Screen at Biola Media Conference

  • We have over 50 nonprofit clients who are needing creative ways to raise money and awareness through mobile phones and social media. See partial list here:
  • We are launching a “sky’s the limit” portal for green businesses and students interested in sustainability. We can send you the beta link upon request.
  • We’ve created mobile web sites (like and other internet services for national and regional clients.
  • We’ve done Text2Screen services for large events for EarthDay in D.C., Focus on the Family Marriage Conference, New Life Worship Conference, Opportunity Green at UCLA, Boys Scouts, Biola Media Conference and hundreds more!
  • We’re passionate about partnering with ministries to extend their reach in a lost a broken world. (Children’s Hunger Fund, Gospel for Asia, Cruise with a Cause, XXXChurch, My Broken Palace…)
  • We’re based in Irvine, CA and are looking for interns who would like to grow and learn and help build a business and even a career.
  • You’ll need to be in our Irvine office 1-3 days each week. Other work can be done wherever you like. We also have weekly conference calls/webinars
  • All internships may grow to paid positions within 3-6 weeks

What are you passionate about? We’d like to know. We’re a bit different here…so is our approach for interns. In the form below, please provide a brief (140 characters or less) comment regarding either your interest, proficiency or experience on the following topics. Don’t be afraid to write “yuck” or leave it blank. What’s the first thing that comes to mind?